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Total Supply

The total supply is 1,000,000,000 THS.

Why is the total supply of THS big?

We think global, there is enough crypto for the entire human race, even the day a satoshi becomes equal to 1 cent (maybe in 10–15 years).

Our Core

About Us

The Hash Speed (THS) is ERC20 token brings brand new innovation in the Bitcoin Mining Industry with First of its kind Quantum Mining with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integrated Technology which uses highly optimum system to utilize the maximum speed of Mining Machines (Miners) and produces unbelievable mining output and generates lucrative Bitcoins via mining rewards and mining network fees. We generate maximum Bitcoins on daily basis as mining payouts. Here, we provide the investors, traders, miners, networkers, beginners one of its kind platform to be a part of this unique system of New Bitcoin Mining Era.

Crypto Mining Industry

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Mining is performed by a community of people around the world called ‘Blockchain miners.’ Though Bitcoin was structured to bring in the decentralized economy, its mining aspect has continued to see massive centralization as a result of the development of lots of mega mining organizations.
We are in the industry with unique features and offers to compete with these organizations.

Problems & Challenges in Crypto Mining Industry

Miners are forced to adopt faster processors. To beat the heat of competition, many miners now adopt a special machine known as an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). These ASIC miners still have a few problems and challenges like:

1)High Energy Costs

2)Irregularity in mining rewards


The Hash Speed (THS) token as Solution


The Hash Speed (THS) is an ERC20 Token which provides a solution to the above stated problems related to cloud mining.

1)High Energy Costs

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence and smart technology solutions will help reduce the work of miners as well as trigger cooling whenever required

2)Irregularity in mining rewards

The introduction of the concept of Quantum mining will focus on more output for the miners allowing them to get a better hash rate and get more mining rewards

Quantum Mining Technology

Quantum mining is much faster, optimised and rewards centric mining technology which intends to solve the problem of irregularity in mining.

Normal mining pools face a high difficulty rate while solving the complex mathematical problem of mining hence the rewards and income is low from the same

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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Problems related to Crypto mining like Energy consumption, Heat production and Efficiency, are solved by introducing and leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence in Miners.

Token Allocation

The token allocation is done on the basis of the following distribution:

  • Company & Founder: 10%
  • Listing & Promotion: 10%
  • Mining Farm Set up (Project Execution) : 65%
  • Operation: 5%
  • Charity: 2.5%
  • Legal: 2.5%
  • Research & Development: 5%
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SWOT Analysis

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  • We are first in the industry with the concept of Quantum Mining with Artificial Intelligence.
  • We provide more hashing power services for customers with less cost which gives customers more mining output
  • AI and smart technology reduces maintenance and operational costs.


  • We are new into industry so it will take time to fetch investors’ and miners’ trust and reliability.


  • We are a monopoly in market as we are the only player in the field of Quantum mining, lot of players are shutting their businesses so the customers are finding newer solutions, they are our potential customers
  • We are offering Affiliate marketing in our services.
  • With the power of quantum mining and Artificial Intelligence more mining and rewards will be available to customers


  • The existing competition by the big players of cloud mining as we are in the same industry.

Utilities of THS Token

The Hash Speed (THS) will be used to avail services of THS Mining which uses Quantum Mining with Artificial Intelligence technology. will be the one stop shop to purchase various cloud mining packages leveraging Quantum Mining and Artificial Intelligence technology.

All the assured return packages listed on can only be availed using THS token, no other currency/cryptocurrency can be used to purchase these packages or avail the technology of Quantum Mining and Artificial intelligence in cloud Mining.



THS is available to be purchased directly with fiat currency. Here is the exchange that provide the option to buy THS with currencies (USD). Hotbit offers a safe and fast way to exchange THS among other Cryptocurrencies listed in exchange.

Mobile Wallet

THS is integrated to Coinomi and Trust wallet, which are mobile platforms (iOS & Android available) and provide free and secure cryptocurrency wallet and payment solutions for businesses and private deals.

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Explorer allows you to search for the transactions, addresses, tokens, throughput and other statistics

Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Motivated Team


ImranKhan Nagori

Founder, Technology Head & Crypto Mining Expert


Fahim Altinordu

Promotion & Listing Head


Shubham Londhe

CTO & Blockchain Developer

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Simon Alagbe

Community Manager

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Kazi Sajib
Marketing head / bounty &
airdrop manager

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Shivani Raval

Community Relationship Manager

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Sweta Panchal

Application Developer

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Priyanshi Soni

Sr. Graphic Designer

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Ayushi Raghuwanshi

Blockchain Developer

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Santosh Kumar Singh

Technical operation executive

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Dhruv Trivedi

Blockchain Developer

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Binal M. Chauhan.

Bounty Manager

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Palak Tank

Digital Marketing Expert

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Fahim Feroz

Community Manager

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SM Hridoy
Community manager

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